Seeing my soldier- #5

Well on Wednesday I got to see my soldier. It started out like this… On Tuesday night my friend drove me to Charlotte to spend the night with my boyfriend’s family (without him there might I add) I thought it would be very awkward and/or uncomfortable because he was not there but it was actually a lot of fun his sister, nana, and I all sat around and watched the Grinch until it was time to go to bed. At 6am we woke up and got ready to hit the road, it took us 5 1/2 hours to get to Georgia but we finally made it and as we are driving to Ft. Benning we kind of got lost and had to call Dorian to help us find him and his battle buddy. After about 30 minutes we finally saw them, we all piled out the car and one by one everyone hugged him and then it was my turn, I jumped into his arms hugging him so tight I thought I would kill him. We got into the car all 7 of us and drove to get the boys some food , he sat next to me and we were all eating, talking and laughing all the while he was holding my hand and rubbing light circles on them like he use to do. after we all ate until we could not no more we went to Publix to get some little things, well Dorian and I went to get him some candy and he pulled me to the side swooping me in his arms finally giving me a kiss- my heart exploded from happiness. Next thing we know his sister is behind us recording us walking it was so funny. Then we went back to the hotel room and played video games- well his sister and he did I was cuddled on his chest watching them sneaking kisses every so often. It was really nice to have my solider for 2 amazing days and I cannot wait for Christmas to see him again. That alone is amazing gift for me.


I could write a fairy tale and tie together using citation and avoid plagiarism, using critical thinking skills, work on oral communication skills and be able to critique your own writing.

What I will tell my story about, a princess and three bears who help her write a paper for English. They will be about using critical thinking by helping think of ideas for her paper, help make her paper unique in her own style, so that she does not plagiarize someone else’s story that has been written and giving her techniques on how to talk about the paper out loud.

You are not as Nice as you said you were(Extra #4)

You were so nice to me when you first met me. You saw me and said I was very beautiful, I told you thank you that it was sweet of you to say. We spent the whole night together laughing and telling secrets; you were becoming a best friend to me which was nice. I could not believe someone could be so nice. Until the clock hit 5:30 then you changed your hands would not stop and tears fell from my eyes begging you to stop- you said no. You were so aggressive and were hurting me, I would cry you would say don’t make a sound. You were not the guy I met hours ago, you were now a monster and animal with no self control. I say no and you still continue, I say stop and you say no. You broke the little bit of me and I hope you are satisfied with yourself. I will not be the same person anymore, I am traumatized and you- you probably do not care you’re only upset because I would not make your night feel “special”. I would say I hope I never see you again but I hope I do so I could tell you how I really feel and show how you hurt me. How you hurt not me just on the inside but the outside, what you have done to my body how you hurt it and how I will probably not forget this and what you’ve done to my mentality I am a wreck.

You really aren’t as nice as they say you are.

Coming Home- Extra #3

Well I got to go home this weekend which made me so happy I was literally jumping up and down knowing I could go home and get in my warm bed and have a nice home cooked meal with my family. When I first pulled up to my house I was already a little tired but I had homework (I know why go home if you are just going to work) but hey life of a college kid. Anyways I did some work but after awhile I got really sleepy so I passed out right on the couch. That next day I woke up kind of early to drive to get my phone fixed because it was completely broken, I had to wait an hour to get it fixed so to pass the time I went to this shopping center in my town called “RIveGate” it is a really popular hang out spot to get food and go shopping. I got me a Peppermint Mocha from starbucks, I ran into my ex-boyfriend who works there it was upper awkward seeing him after 7 months I really did not know what to say. After that awkward moment was over I went to all my favorite shops and just looked around because I did not want to spend too much time there because I did not know the time I left after what felt like 45 minutes/ Well I was right and I just sat in my car until about 12:25 and walked in to pick up my phone. It was ready to go and I paid for it ($114 out my pocket) but my mom is going to put that back in my account so it is okay. Once my phone was fixed I went home and took a shower because I was soaked from all the rain that had happened out of nowhere ! I took a nap and then started doing more homework. My family all started coming home and we went out for tacos that night they were so good! The next day on Saturday it was kind of a relax day for our family so I stayed in my PJ’s until about 5pm haha then I went to get a hair cut and highlight my hair I fell in love ! I just love cutting off my hair. Then I had to babysit my sister so my parents could finally go out on a date for once, they brought us Chick-fil-a before they left I was happy. I got to be with my little sister Camrynn and it was nice she is pretty much my twin. After we got in our PJ’s and watch a movie I put her to bed then I stayed up watching TV until about 2am and then I went upstairs into my bed and went right to sleep, it felt so good to sleep in my own bed again. On my last day back at home I pretty much cleaned up with my mom and then we did our annual binge watching of Golden Girls like we always do it is like our tradition to do it. THen my boyfriend called which of course makes me so happy to hear his voice, we talked about me coming for his graduation which is in 4 weeks now and I cannot wait to go! It is all the way in Georgia !. MY weekend with my family was amazing I am glad I got to go home and see them because I was honestly getting very homesick and this was the thing I needed to make me feel all better.

My Lie.

When I was around seven or eight years old, I started really liking bubble gum I would chew it all the time. Well when I got bored with it instead of me throwing it out I would just swallow it like it was candy. One day my mom saw me swallow my gum and she flipped out asking me why would I swallow it and if I understood how dangerous that could be. I asked her what was the big deal about me swallowing gum it is just like candy, and she got eye level with me and told me that because it was sticky it would stick to my stomach and would not leave until seven years later when the gum would finally get hard and fall off your stomach. Then she went on to say how sometimes if you swallow it too quickly it will get stuck in your throat and you could choke to death! That is when I stopped swallowing gum, even now if I swallow gum I get super paranoid that it is now in my stomach for seven year and that all my food will stick to it. When I heard this story when I was little it really stuck with me because it was my mom who told me and I still hear adult figures say “don’t swallow your gum it will get stuck there for seven years” so I sometimes think it is true but I always wonder how you know this and why I still have a lot more research to do.

halloween (extra #2)

Seeing a billion and one babies all dressed up for trick or treating in the town of Old Salem and on the internet made me bubble with joy. I love seeing little people all dressed up either (as my favorite) a pumpkin because they are so round and chunky they look just like those cute pumpkins. Or they go as princesses which makes me smile because I will sometimes see the little boys be princesses which makes my heart burst to show that boys and girls can be whoever they want to be. I also love seeing babies as super hero’s I do not know why but seeing them like that I can not help but giggle. My cousin Milo he is only about 6-7 months old he was superman and I started smiling and commenting like crazy on my aunt’s pictures I was just like “ahh look at the handsome man !!! ” He is always looking so cute. I also like when the families match with the costume like one I saw, so the family did The Incredible’s the baby was Jack-Jack, their  8 year old son was Dash, the 14 year old was Violet, the dad was Mr. Incredible and the mom was Mrs. Incredible they even brought their sitter who was dressed as Jack-Jack’s baby sitter it was just too cute on how it all planned out and how cute they all looked in their costumes. The mom made them herself she did such a good job on them. Yeah so that is why I just adore Halloween and kids(sometimes)

The Body is Not An Apology. (Blog Post 4)

This really moved me reading this mostly  I think because I was hearing it in my own grandma’s voice always telling me to not apologize for have the type of body I have to love it and show especially men to treat it with respect. Which is what I think the piece was trying to get us as women to see. Do not let men make your body feel low and off putting, that your body is a blessing and a holy temple that God has given us. It is not just some “object” to used and spoken about in just any way, shape, or fashion. That your body is so beautiful and should be praised not soiled, that you should give your body not as a gift but she should treated as if it is a gift: gentle and precious and should be treated as such. Reading this, I had to read it five million times to finally understand that my body is beautiful and I should not act like it is just like an old mattress that it is of fine silk and precious pearls and should be treated as such. All of women’s bodies are this way no matter your size do not let some person male or female try to make it to you that your body is not worthy or good enough to be seen because it is. You should not apologize for being who you are and you should not be criticized for loving who you are either.

**Repost for P2

My ex, is the audience or to someone who has had heart break and been in love while my second one is to anyone who likes poetry and anyone who has still been hurt and in love. I Entertain and inform in my first one because I am informing my ex of how he hurt me while I entertain the audience by describing what is going on. I just entertain in the second one because it does not go to a specific person so the audience can choose what is going on they are the illustrators. TO understand the letter you would have to know who he is, and what it is like to go through heart-break also what I felt after the whole thing happened. Yet in my second one you just had to been in a long term relationship and felt the pain of it ending. The first one was Midlevel/ informal because while I am speaking to someone I know I still keep it professional even if I am talking to my ex. The second one is Midlevel/ informal but more just informal there are no full sentences, and because it is free verse it can do that.The first one is in a letter format to my ex while the second one is a poem but it is a free style poem so it does not rhyme but it flows and tells a story. Because it is a letter it is written in my perspective so that the audience know how I felt, but the second one is written in third person perspective, letting the audience believe what they want on who the poem could be about.In my letter you could feel my anger, hurt, love, sadness, and confusion. Yet in my poem there is Love, happiness and hurt.That he hurt me very much, making having new relationships harder. That there are two people who were once in love and yet life came and ruined the moments of their love.

My Soldier- extras

Today I received a letter from my soldier today, I was so happy to finally hear from him and know how he was doing. When I woke up on that Monday morning, I was so ecstatic, I had no idea why it was just an amazing day so I decided to go to check my mailbox and when I put my lock combination in and slowly opened the little brown door to my mailbox there I saw a white envelope I started jumping for joy like a kid on Christmas. I pulled it out and saw my name in his terrible handwriting that use to make me scream but today made me smile ear to ear. I opened it and it was a paper filled front and back of him telling me how basic training is going and how he is going (he asked for sugar free halls for his throat and socks- socks of all things it still makes me laugh) Then he started asking me about how I am doing and that I have to stay strong because I can get through this. Reading the words on the page hearing his voice as I read each word. I would shed tears reading every “I love you” “I miss you” “I can’t to see you” the things I had been dying to read. That day getting a letter from him was the best moment of my life, nothing could have ruined my day because I got a message from my solider. I cannot not wait to see him soon. I love him.

Lies I have Been Told.

“Tatiana if you swallow seeds of fruits they will grow in your tummy”

That if you swallow the seeds of any type of fruit it will stick to your stomach and grow then you will have apples, watermelons, and such and they will never be able to leave your body.

“If you shave your arms they will grow back 10 times hairier and thicker”

I always wanted to shave my arms because I did not like how thick they were so I would ask my mom and she always would tell me that I can’t because once I do they will not stop growing and they will be super thick.

“If you swallow gum it will stay in your stomach for 7 years”

This is how the fruit would stay in your stomach because it would attach to the gum and the gum could not leave your body anymore because it has fruit stuck to it.

“If you tell stories(lies) you’ll lose your hair”

Your hair meant everything and if God heard you saying lies He would make a piece of hair fall out with every lie you told.

“Santa and the tooth fairy only give presents to good children who believe”

If you did not believe and were misbehaving you would not get any gifts so you always had to be good and could not tell any stories and be bad in school or they would not reward you with presents.